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Red Entorno

Red Entorno The Red Entorno of Campus of Alcoy of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, comes with the aim of deepening relations between the university and the companies in its socioeconomic environment, with which it is already working today. However, it is intended as a bridge for a new phase of partnership with businesses and institutions with that cooperation does not exist or is limited, but is considered essential for technological or economic relevance.

The Polytechnical University of Valencia has adopted the module of “entrepreneurial university” that has appeared in the countries leaders in technology. Characterising for transforming knowledges in economic activities that promote the socioeconomic surroundings, when creating a bond between the university and the innovation.

The form taken is the work of the Network which brings together some of the essential characteristics of the relationships between the actors involved in innovation processes, as these are based on forms of exchange and learning between different actors. Coopetitive networks (cooperation combined with competition) through knowledge are becoming increasingly important:

First, in the context of globalization which has intensified the training of local networks and / or regional.

And secondly, by changes that are being created in the forms of knowledge production, where science and technology are no longer conceived as separate processes, but complementary in practice.

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